Welcome to Edgework.ca. It is an inter-active web site on which you will find my personal writings as well as those of my friends. The underlying premise of these writings is that the modern era of the past three or four centuries has begun to crumble – creating a need for Christians to re-examine their understanding of faithfulness to God in post-modern times. While thankful for some of the benefits of modernity, we are keenly aware that it also keeps many of us captive to a form of godliness that is out of step with our times. By our writings, we are seeking to help us all break free of the shackles that often make modern expressions of faith irrelevant and point in the direction of what faithfulness might look like in a new era.

That means that my writing friends and I often find ourselves somewhere close to the edge – asking questions that make us uncomfortable or even afraid. But we are certain that we must move beyond status quo Christianity if we want to be relevant in the 21st century. We hope to offer a ray of hope to those who have given up on Christianity as they once knew it and to extend sale cialis an invitation to many of our post-modern friends to consider the viability of a faith they have thus far chosen to ignore.

After two years of posting mostly writings of my own, I am now requesting submissions of writings from my readers that match the mission of this web site as stated above. I am also making a number of other changes to Edgework. ca.

  • We will begin archiving writings posted more than a year ago. They will, however, still be accessible to our readers.
  • While we will continue to post a Weekly Edgework Article, postings in other categories will appear on an “occasional” basis, allowing for more flexibility as well as time for other writing projects. In the end there may be just as many postings as in the past but we are not committing ourselves to bi-weekly book reviews and monthly sermons.
  • We will be adding a new category called Edgework Extended where we will post a variety of essays, lectures and presentations that take us one step deeper into our contemporary search for relevance. Most will be longer, and possibly more academic in nature than postings in other categories.

We hope this renewed format will be a positive step forward for Edgework.ca. We encourage readers to use the Discussion Forum to respond to and add insights with respect to the postings we make. Thank for walking with us – on the edge!

Jack Heppner