Books reviewed in this section of the web site are the kind that inspire us to keep asking questions about our Christian pilgrimages at the beginning of the 21st century. They are written by both people of faith and those outside the faith. We feel that we should be reading both kinds of books in order to envision a faith that intersects with the real world around us. Frequently the books we review ask old questions in new ways and offer alternative perspectives on various issues related to faith and life. We find that writing reviews of the books we read forces us to digest their content more thoroughly. The style of our reviews is to offer, in condensed form, the central message of the book instead of offering only enough information to spike curiosity. While we hope our reviews encourage others to read at least some of the books we refer to, our goal is at the same time to offer the unique perspectives of the authors we read in condensed form to those who only read the reviews. Let’s keep reading!

Dec. 31 2006#57Light ForceBrother Andrew
Al Janssen
Nov. 28 2006#56LainaBetty Barkman
Nov. 9, 2006#55Tess of the D’UrbervillesThomas Hardy
Oct. 14, 2006#54A High Price for Abundant LivingHenry Rempel
Aug. 8, 2006#53When the Body Says "No" Gabor Maté
July 25, 2006#52Monday MarriageGerald W. Kaufman
L. Marlene Kaufman
July 5, 2006#51In Praise of SlowCarl Honroré
June 19, 2006#50Confessions of an Economic HitmanJohn Perkins
June 5, 2006#49Trackless Wastes and Stars to Steer ByMicheal A. King
May 25, 2006#48The End of PovertyJeffery Sachs
May 8, 2006#47A Room Called RememberFrederick Buechner
Mar. 28, 2006#46The TrialFranz Kafka
Mar. 13, 2006#45The Silence of AdamLarry Crabb
Feb. 27, 2006#44Knowing JesusJames Alison
Feb. 15, 2006#43A Spirituality of the RoadDavid J. Bosch
Jan. 31, 2006#42God’s PoliticsJim Wallis
Jan. 16, 2006#41IntimacyHenri J. M. Nouwen
Jan. 4, 2006#40Amazing GraceKathleen Norris