In this corner of our web site we will be posting an assortment of writings that do not fit well in the other categories of the site. They will include essays, papers, lectures and presentations. Some will be selected from writings we have done in the past, if we feel they contribute to fulfilling the mission of this web site. Others will be nabbed “hot off the press”, either written by ourselves or others we feel have something important to contribute to this site. Some postings may be more academic in nature than others and frequently will be longer than other postings on this site. Writings posted in this category are designed for those interested in a somewhat more serious study of contemporary issues than other postings on this site allow for. Again, we encourage you to respond with your critiques and insights to these postings on the Discussion Forum.

November 15, 2006#3Deep and Wide
October 30, 2006#2Coping With Stress
September 4, 2006 #1A Faithful Church in a Changing World